Where it began

Whilst planning my wedding to my husband Daniel, we looked for weeks for a style of photography which had a whimsical, dream-like feel. The many weeks of searching paid off (in more ways than one) by leading me to discover fine art photography. I instantly fell in love with the soft pastel tones, considered shots and the romantic feel which the style portrays. 

The beauty of this style of photography is that each frame tells the essence of a story using soft yet warm tones, which are highlighted using natural light - perfect for portraying the romance of weddings and the innocence of a precious newborn. I was hooked. I knew this was the style of photography I wanted for our big day.. but something stirred a little deeper - I wanted to create these beautiful images myself for others. 

My journey so far

Being a photographer allows me the great honour of meeting so many people at pivotal chapters in their story. Documenting the happiest of times in their life is the greatest privilege and it is something I hold dear to my heart. I have had the great pleasure of photographing weddings across the UK including venues in York, Harrogate, Newcastle, London and even some more secluded venues in hidden parts of Northumbria.  Families have welcomed me into their homes to capture their new arrivals and to me… I literally couldn’t think of a better ‘job’ (if you can even call it that!?).

I am dedicated to delivering a collection of truly beautiful images in my signature style, which tell your story in a honest way. My ‘job’ is to preserve the emotions, the punch-lines, the happy tears and the tiny details that some may miss, so that you can relive and rejoice in the memories for years to come.   

Emma x

The naming of Little Sixpence Photography

Little: To represent all the tiny details that amount to make your wedding so unique and special. Each ‘little’ detail is a reflection of who you are as a couple and encompasses your story so far. It’s these personal touches that I simply adore photographing. 

Sixpence: Put simply, it’s my subliminal message of luck to you for your new life together as a married couple. Your lucky sixpence you could say!
— Emma X